Smart Auto Fx - Mobile Car Scratch Repairs in South West London & Surrey

Smart Auto Fx - Mobile Car Scratch Repairs in South West London & Surrey


What is smart repair?

We use a technique called 'smart repair' that originated in the states in 1990. The idea is to use specialist tools and materials to repair as small an area as possible. In using the latest materials and tools we are able to effectively repair parts that would otherwise have been replaced which means a substantial saving to you and the environment.

Will the repair last?

Yes! the modern smart repair materials used are very durable and long lasting with the benefit of curing fast to make mobile repairs the best option for minor scratch repair, bumper scuffs, rust, small dents & stone chips.

What do you require to carry out the work?

We will need access to a power socket, off street parking (Driveway, car park or private road and a cup of tea! (Milk, 2 sugars please).

Is it going to still be as shiny like it was before?

Yes! We apply 3 clear coats of lacquer after the repair to sustain a shiny and new look to your car.

Can we match your paint?

Yes! using a state of the art 2001 standox water based computerised paint mixing system which is environmentally friendly. We will leave a small pot of FREE touch up paint on request.

Can the work be done in all weather?

Sorry No, Smart repair does require the area of the repair to stay dry until the paint is set.

Will the value of my car be less if I leave scuffs & scratches?

Yes! if you part-exchange your car they will knock off money for any cosmetic damage. So a small amount of money spent with us could increase the resale value of your car.

Can I wash my car after the repair?

Yes. But if you wash your car before we arrive we will polish out any surface scratches & touch up stone chips FREE OF CHARGE.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we do! We guarantee our work for the LIFETIME of the car. We stand behind our work and always aim for a body shop standard if not better.

Freephone 0800 6124 726 (8am-6pm Only)